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A Gateway to an Elite Workforce of Data Labelers

Explore a world where access to highly skilled data labelers is just the beginning ! Let’s redefine what’s possible together.

Skilled Annotators from Diverse Domains

Our annotators are experts from various fields like healthcare, engineering, and finance. They undergo rigorous training to ensure precise and accurate data labeling for projects in medical imaging, autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, and more.

High-Quality Medical

Data Collection

We provide top-tier data collection services, particularly in the medical field. Our team excels in gathering precise and comprehensive data, essential for training accurate and effective medical AI models.

Custom & Specialized Annotation Services

We offer comprehensive services, including image and video annotation, text annotation, and 3D point cloud annotation. Using advanced tools and methodologies, we ensure the highest standards of quality and accuracy to enhance your AI and machine learning models.

We are Open for Your Custom &

Personalized Project Needs

We specialize in adapting to unique datasets and specific requirements, ensuring optimal results tailored to your objectives.

Human Touch

We take pride in our human-centered approach to data labeling. Our rigorous quality assurance process ensures that every annotation is meticulously inspected, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of your datasets. With us, you can trust that your project is in expert hands.

Inspection Process

Security Measures

Certification of Accuracy

Robust Annotation Guidelines

Inter-Annotator Agreement

Tailored Expertise

Flexible Approach

we are all about embracing your unique vision and project specifications. No matter how complex or specialized your requirements may be, our team is dedicated to working hand-in-hand with you to bring your ideas to life.

Adaptive Annotation

we adapt to every dataset, offering tailored annotation solutions that meet your unique needs with precision

Versatile Labeling

Catering to a wide range of data types and industries, ensuring accurate annotations.

Skilled Workforce

We boast a diverse and qualified workforce, including professionals from various fields such as doctors, engineers, and specialists, ready to cater to your project needs. our team offers expertise that goes beyond the ordinary. With precision and efficiency, we handle diverse datasets, ensuring top-notch annotations tailored to your specific requirements.

We've done


Labeled Data

We’ve spent


Labeling hour

Quality Assurance

Ensuring the utmost accuracy and reliability in every project is at the core of our operations. Our approach encompasses rigorous training for our expert annotators, meticulous adherence to detailed annotation guidelines, and comprehensive

rounds of inspections.

Continuous Training

Rounds of Inspections

Error Analysis

Feedback Integration

We Open Doors to Every Sector :

Your Industry, Our Expertise

Humanaize accelerates AI adoption across diverse sectors.We stand ready to support your industry's unique needs and challenges.

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We Deliver Quality Data Labeling:

Expert Solutions for You

Select our Computer Vision Annotation Service for a winning combination of quality, speed, and security, ensuring the success of your AI and machine learning projects.

Precision in Labeling

Our in-house team ensures exceptional precision in data labeling across various industries.

Cost-Effective Solutions

we offer competitive pricing without compromising on annotation quality ensuring you get the best ROI

Transparent Annotation

we provide real-time monitoring for our annotation progress and inspection.

Reliable Expertise

Specialized team for complex datasets like medical imagery, our labelers with domain-specific knowledge

Quality Data Assurance

Ensuring quality labeled data to meet the highest standards for AI and machine learning projects.

Trusted Partner

Regular compliance checks and audits fortify our promise to be your most reliable and secure data labeling service provider.

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Diverse Skills for Diverse Data: Find the Perfect Annotator for Every Project

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Computer Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Healthcare Professionals



General Practitioners

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