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X-Ray images

Ultrasound Analysis

Dental Analysis

Dermatology Analysis



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Object Detection

Defect Detection

Error Analysis

Robotics picking

Predictive maintenance

Robotics & Manufacturing

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Disease Detection

Livestock monitoring

Crop Analytics

Pest Detection

Grading & Sorting


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Crowd monitoring

Planogram Analytics

Item Categorization

Barcode Analysis

Heat Mapping

Parcking Monitoring

Plate Detection

Damage Detection

In-Cabin Monitoring

Traffic Signs

Autonomous Vehicles

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Visual Search

Scene Segmentation

Brand Recognition

Emotion Recognition

Content Moderation

Crowd Detection

Theft Detection

Intruder Detection

Pathole Detection

Facial Detection


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Roads Segmentation

Drone imagery

Disaster Management

Lidar Intensity

Satellite Imagery


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Skeletal Annotation

Ball Tracking

Event Recognition

Gesture Recognition

Crowd Detection

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