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Point Cloud Labeling

Point cloud labeling involves annotating three-dimensional (3D) point clouds, accurately labeling individual points or clusters to identify objects and their attributes. We meticulously annotate each point with semantic information and spatial context. With expertise in 3D perception algorithms and annotation tools, we deliver annotated data that enhances the performance and reliability of your 3D object detection and reconstruction models. Trust us to provide high-quality annotations that optimize spatial analysis and scene understanding tasks in various applications, including autonomous driving and augmented reality.

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Humanaize offers tailored solutions with meticulous attention to detail to drive growth and innovation across industries. Harness the power of your visual data to build new applications or seamlessly integrate CV capabilities into your existing systems.

By meticulously annotating surgical data, we provide valuable insights that optimize robotic-assisted procedures.

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Annotating images to detect and locate objects such as or defects within assembly lines.

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We boast a diverse and qualified workforce, including professionals from various fields such as doctors, engineers, and specialists, ready to cater to your project needs.

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